The complete Command Control and Communications System

The 5X Systems V-TACS combines state-of-the-art COTS computer capabilities with our Vector Satellite Data Link (VSDL), the Vector Target Designator (VTD) and the highly intuitive user interface provided by the Locurum software application to deliver a next-generation combined situational picture with accurate and dynamic Position Location Information (PLI) as well as traditional voice and text messaging communications.  

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Technical Expertise

Industry leading expertise in embedded computing, tactical communications and application development - focused exclusively on the unique needs of defense and public safety users.    

Operational Experience

5X Systems was founded by former military officers and defense industry engineers with decades of experience working with U.S. and international military, para-military and homeland defense  forces.

Effective & Affordable - Mission Critical C2 for Demanding Operational Requirements.

Smart Solutions

We develop tailored systems to meet demanding operational requirements leveraging commercially available components. The result of this process is a uniquely easy to use and scaleable solution at an affordable price.