• Intuitive Easy to Use Microsoft Windows or Android tablet
  • Small Size - Individual Carry or Vehicle Mounted
  • Operates Stand-Alone or Networked
  • Global Text and Talk in and out of the Iridium Network
  • Ruggedized Radio Hardware for Extreme Environments
  • Integrated GPS
  • Omni-Directional Antenna
  • Utilizes integrated Irididum P2T Modem
  • Interfaces Easily with Other Devices

Effective & Affordable - Mission Critical C2 for Demanding Operational Requirements.

Vector Target Acquisition and Communications System (V-TACS) easily installs onto any maritime platform.  An external waterproof speaker allows hands free monitoring of voice traffic.  Standard military H-250 handset provides push to talk.




The complete Command Control and Communications System

The 5X Systems V-TACS combines state-of-the-art COTS computer capabilities with our Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL), the Vector Target Designator (VTD) and the highly intuitive user interface provided by the Locurum software application to deliver a next-generation combined situational awareness. VTACS provides Position Location Information (PLI) as well as both traditional voice and text messaging communications.  V-TACS consists of three  main components: the Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL) the Locorun COP display, and the laser Vector Target Designator (VTD).   The COP display connects to the V-TACS via Ethernet interface.  Any Windows-based computing device can be used with V-TACS, The VIDL contains a single board computer, commercial GPS module, and Radio Frequency (RF) module.  An Iridium 9523 modem gives the user broadcast "all informed" push to talk connectivity.  VTACS is secured with 256-Bit AES encryption.
The V-TACS VIDL is designed to be employed in austere environments; it is sealed against liquid intrusion in accordance with IP-68 (full immersion) requirements and tested against Mil-Std 810G for environmental conditions. It accepts common automotive and marine power sources (9-36VDC). The VSDL’s physical dimensions are approximately 7 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches and its weight is just under 3 pounds.  The  VIDL has five interface connectors; one MS3106 circular Mil connector for power, one watertight Ethernet (RJ-45) port, a 6-pin circular Mil audio (U-329) connector, and two SMA
connectors for GPS and Iridium antennas. 


The VTD is a handheld binocular optical sensor with build in laser range finding capabilities.  When targets of interest appear, the user simply locates the target in the binocular and clicks. VTD calculates the location and an icon is generated and  instantly transferred to the VIDL for display on current Locorum map. The icon can then be immediately transmitted to other networked V-TACS.  This added feature allows teams to instantly share vital PLI related to potential targets, threats or friendly assets.